Be as smart like a fox and as sharp like a jaguar, concentrate with a clear head and gain an advantage over your opponents in your favourite game. With the Gaming Energy Bar, Play Energy Shot and Stamina Energy Capsules, you won't miss a thing.


Or, on the contrary, regeneration?

After a gruelling game, it's important to invest in quality sleep, as it's the key to success. Enjoy real relaxation thanks to the Pause calming shot.

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    „I've only been using Pause Shot for a short time, but I already feel that it's easier to fall asleep after games where I have wooden teammates. With any luck, my hair will also stop falling out from stress, haha 🙈”

    Patrik Schweighofer


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    „I tried JaguarFox shots on my own "skin" and I liked them. Play shot gives me a decent kick after a long day at work and thanks to pause shot I managed to relax and fall asleep much faster. Thumbs up for me 🙂”



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    „I always thought nothing could kick me off, but that playshot is a blast :) I can enjoy more playtime in less time, and still I don’t feel broken down at all the next day. I recommend it! 5/5⭐️”

    Janka Makúchová

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